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About SmileBASIC Source

SmileBASIC Source is an online community for "SmileBASIC", a programming language and IDE for Nintendo platforms developed and released by SmileBoom Co. Ltd. It all began with Petit Computer in 2011, which gave users the first taste of SmileBASIC. Since then, there have been iterations of SmileBASIC for the 3DS, Wii U, and now the Nintendo Switch.

SmileBASIC Source was made to give people a place to discuss SmileBASIC, share their creations, and ask questions. Whether brand new to programming or a seasoned veteran, we hope to provide everything you need to enjoy SmileBASIC!

Under development

SmileBASIC Source is still under active development, so you may find bugs or notice features that aren't yet available.

Please report any bugs to MasterR3C0RD on Discord: @MasterR3C0RD#7695